Questionable Lyrics In Reggaeton Songs

For as long as I can remember, musicians have pushed the envelope in terms of shock factor. Yet, how far is too far? Most of us can recall Eminem’s on-stage antics in which he would disparage his mother, baby mother, and other musicians. Reggaeton and Latin trap, what about them?There were several tunes that I still find to be jarring now. Let’s take a look at a few songs by Latin urban musicians that I’ll never forget to see if they would be appropriate to release today.

The majority of the songs I’ll be listing are ones I used to listen to when I was a teenager. We shouldn’t be shocked that the lyrics are explicit because reggaeton has always been a dirty type of music. Because I have always found the reggaeton drums to be contagious, I was able to look past that and sort of tune out the lyrics.

Questionable Lyrics In Reggaeton Songs

For as long as I can remember, musicians have pushed the envelope in terms of shock factor. Yet, how far is too far? Most of us can recall Eminem’s on-stage antics in which he would disparage his mother, baby mother, and other musicians. Reggaeton and Latin trap, what about them?There were several tunes that I still find to be jarring now. Let’s take a look at a few songs by Latin urban musicians that I’ll never forget to see if they would be appropriate to release today.

The majority of the songs I’ll be listing are ones I used to listen to when I was a teenager. We shouldn’t be shocked that the lyrics are explicit because reggaeton has always been a dirty type of music. Because I have always found the reggaeton drums to be contagious, I was able to look past that and sort of tune out the lyrics.

Voy A La Disco- Baby Rasta Y Gringo
Album: The Score (2003)

Baby Rasta and Gringo’s “Voy A La Disco” is the first tune I’ll mention. The title refers to the phrase “I go to the club…” in the sense that they are stating that they went to the club to see “her.” I was raised in a Christian home where listening to secular music was strictly forbidden. Certainly not when my mother and sister were present. I used to get these compilation records and DVDs with music videos from a buddy whose brother was a DJ. I heard this song there and was immediately smitten with Tazmania’s music productions.

My timing was incorrect that day, and I failed to notice that my mother had arrived home early. When she walked in, the music I’ve posted below was playing. I was very ashamed; it was as though she had entered my bedroom and seen me with a female. Rather than saying anything, she gave me a look that hurt more. She didn’t seem to be too upset by the fact that I was listening to music with lyrics like this at the age of 17 (or close to it), which was surprising.

“Dale, mami
Ya llego tu nene travieso
Si juegas conmigo, juegas con fuego
Quiero perriarte why jalarte el cabello
why poner en tu boca mi maldito nervio
Dale, se??ta, el braciel quitatelo
Para chupartela
Para comermela
Para gozarmela
Para apretartela
why en la cama comerte, mai…”

Translation: “Come on, mami, Your naughty baby is here. If you play with me, you play with fire. I want to bite you and pull your hair and put my damn nerve in your mouth. Come on, please, take your bra off. To suck them. To eat it. To enjoy it. To squeeze it. and in the bed eat you, ma…”

Las Guanabanas- Tracks 8 and 9
Album- Grayskull 2: No Es Facil (2002)

Next up is a song by a duo who is no longer together due to one of the members converting to Christianity. Most of their songs were about having sex. I’ll never forget the first time I heard the album ‘Grayskull 2: No Es Facil’ which was heavily produced by DJ Blass and DJ Goldie. There were some tracks by DJ Nelson, Noriega and included a production by a then unknown LunyTunes. The lyrics themselves aren’t necessarily what pushed the envelope here. In the interlude prior to Track 9, the vocals are repeating what I believe to be the steps to “how to roll a joint” because the line ends with the vocals saying “marijuana.” They sing the chorus using the flow to Sean Paul’s “Gimme the light.”

The song is so underground, I couldn’t find lyrics to the song, so I’ll try my best to translate it. There’s also a part in the song that is nsfw if you decide to listen to it. The artists say a phrase in the song and a female voice is responding with a pornographic moan. Then she says “Dame, hijo de p**a, dame!” I’ve also gotten in trouble for listening to this at home. You can’t really find the album anywhere because it’s so underground and the album isn’t really sold anywhere, now…but I have an original copy.

“Soy una victima del placer mejor, musica, mujeres y alcohol,
Si tu quieres mas yo te invito hoy a una disco de reggaeton
Y si me gusta y me envuelvo yo
Tenemos una noche de accion
Ser la victima del mejor sexo
Guanabanas este es mi flow…”

Translation: “I am a victim of the best pleasure, music, women, and alcohol,
If you want more, I invite you to a reggaeton club, tonight.
And If I like it and I get involved,
we have a good night of action.
Being the victim of the best sex,
Guanabanas this is my flow.”

Wisin Y Yandel- Aventura
Album- LunyTunes Y Noriega: Mas Flow(2003)
 If you grew up listening to reggaeton, there’s a huge chance that you’ve listened to at least 1 song from this legendary album. Imagine, you’re dancing at a party and this song comes on, Wisin starts his verse by saying “Let me lick your butt.” From what I can remember, it wasn’t really a thing to do. It was a very taboo thing to say, but now, so many artists and entertainers are openly saying that they do that very thing. This is why I don’t share things like food or drinks with people. you just never know where their mouths have been.

“Llegó tu pistolero, revolcaste el avispero
Déjame lamberte el trasero
Dale, hazme un hickey en el mollero
Si no me da’ un canto, me voy pa’l putero…”

Translation: Your gunman arrived, you turned the hornet’s nest upside down. Let me lick your butt. Go on, give me a hickey in the head If you don’t give me play, I’m going to the whorehouse.

El General- Tu Pum Pum
Album: Estas Buena (1990)
 Who remembers the legend from Panama, El General? He was one of the pioneers of singing Reggae in Spanish. He basically did a Spanish version of Jamaican artist Little Lenny’s song Punnany Tegereg. It’s crazy how pum pum is a word that’s not really censored on the radio. I say that because of  Daddy Yankee’s song ‘Con Calma.’ He says in the song, “I like your pum pum, girl.” El General was a part of the movement that eventually led to the creation of Reggaeton as we know it. El General walked away from the music industry due to personal issues and also due to him converting to the Jehovah’s Witness faith. In 1990, I doubt that many Latino people knew what “pum pum” meant. I find it funny that someone would say these words, as if they were making a statement. Do you think pum pum should be censored?

“Pues quiero que le digas a tus amigas
Que el rey del pum pum acaba llegar
Y nadie lo puede parar
Por que llego el general.Tu pum pum mami mami no me van matar
Tu pum pum mami mami no me van matar
Tu pum pum mami mami no me van matar
Tu pum pum mami mami no me van matar…”

Translation:“Well, I want you to tell your girlfriends that the king of pum pum has just arrived and no one can stop him, Dream, because the general arrived.

“Your pum pum mami, mami, won’t kill me,
Your pum pum mami, mami, won’t kill me,
Your pum pum mami, mami, won’t kill me,
Your pum pum mami, mami, won’t kill me…”

DJ Nelson, Eliot-Me Enamore De Mi Prima
Album: DJ Nelson Presenta: Flow La Discoteka 2 (2007)

Let me start by saying that if you’re an artist, please steer clear of subjects like these. What these people were thinking when they composed this song is unknown to me. In fact, I’ve never heard the singer of it perform another song. I’ll never forget how strange the song’s ending made me and those who were listening to it with me for the first time feel. Who would consider penning a song about falling for their cousin? Wouldn’t it imply that they are more like a sibling to you if you had grown up with cousins, as they describe in the song’s lyrics? In the song, the guy talks about having fantasies about his female cousin. Never, ever, ever should you write a song about incestuous desires. It’s so weird.

“No se por que.
Me enamoro cuando no debo, sin querer
No se por que.
Me enamoro cuando no debo, sin querer.

Ahora que hago yo
Si me enamore de ti
Si yo no sentia nada
Que me hizo pensar asi.
Sia lado de ti,yo creci
Contabas hasta tres y me escondia de ti
Comiamos del mismo plato
Jugabamos todo el rato.
Ayayayayaymi corazon
De solo pensar me da dolor
Me enamore de mi prima

Confundi lo que ella sentia.
No se porque.
Me enamoro cuando no debo, sin querer
No se por que.
Me enamoro cuando no debo, sin querer.
Cerrare todo lo que siento
En mi corazon quedara el recuerdo
De un amor imposible
De un amor malo y ageno
Quitare de mi pensamiento
El deseo de tener tu cuerpo
Lo que me mata por dentro
Lo que me quita el sueño…”

Translation: “I do not know why. I fall in love when I shouldn’t, accidentally I don’t know why. I fall in love when I shouldn’t, accidentally. Now what do I do If I fell in love with you If I didn’t feel anything What made me think like that. If next to you, I grew up You counted to three and I hid from you. We ate from the same plate. We played all the time. Ayayayayay my heart. Just thinking gives me pain. I fell in love with my cousin. I was confused about what she felt. I do not know why. I fall in love when I shouldn’t, accidentally I don’t know why. I fall in love when I shouldn’t, accidentally. I will close everything I feel. In my heart the memory will remain Of an impossible love Of a bad and alien love I will remove from my thoughts The desire to have your body What kills me inside. What makes me lose sleep….”

Plan B- Tu Sabes
Album- LunyTunes Y Noriega: Mas Flow (2003)
 It’s crazy how this album has 2 songs that have questionable lyrics. This one in particular is one that I’ve never been ok with and I’m surprised that no one has ever called these guys out, either. It is never ok to say anything that could harm others, especially minors. In this song, Chencho from the duo ‘Plan B’ alongside Maldy, is the one who said these detestable lyrics. He says “It doesn’t matter if you’re underage…”

 I’m sorry, but what? Didn’t anyone in the room tell him “Hey, that’s not ok to say.” It kind of makes me wonder what these people are into behind closed doors. Not literally because I imagine they’re nasty as hell. How did Luny or Tunes not see anything wrong with someone saying this on their album? I find it concerning because Plan B’s nickname is “The duo of sex.” They have never delivered any music with substance. It’s always been sexually explicit music with zero value except good beats. I find it incredible how no one has ever asked Chencho why he wrote those lyrics.

“Te rapto y tu no me dices na’
Te toco, y veo que te gusta
No importa si eres menor de edad…”

Translation: “I kidnap you and you don’t tell me anything. I touch you, and I see that you like it. It doesn’t matter if you’re underage…”

Trebol Clan- Agarrala
Album: Los Bacatranes (2004)
The lyrics to this song have always been problematic. We can always use the excuse that some music is made for adults. But sometimes, even the adults can’t separate fiction from reality. Consider the following statistics: “According to the Puerto Rico Police Bureau, there were a total of 5,517 documented incidents of domestic violence toward women from January to December 2020.

In the same year, there have been 21 gender-based murders, according to a report from Puerto Rico’s Equal Gender Observatory.” Imagine that, a small island with so much history, art, music and food also has a problem with violence against women. Many will argue that the music has not influenced this behaviour. If you listen to ‘Rebelations Podcast Episode 21: Music. Your Mind, Body, Water And Healing Energy,’ you’ll learn that music does play apart in influencing how we behave, at times. You can read the related blog as well. Music, Your Mind, Body, Water And Healing Energy – Woke Up A Rebel

So, with the statistics that I’ve shared, I think it’s safe to say that it is never ok to make songs about beating women even if it’s metaphorical. Reggaeton does have a reputation of being extremely graphic and violent at times.
Source: Puerto Rican families devastated by gender-based killings remain concerned about government’s approach to crisis – ABC News

“Agárrala, pégala, azótala
Pégala, sácala a bailar que va to’a
Pégala, azótala, agárrala que ella va to’a…”

Translation: “Grab her, hit her, whip her. Hit her, take her out to dance, she’s going to hit her, whip her, grab her, she goes all the way…”

“Pégala, azótala sin miedo que no hace na’
Mírala, mírala si se ríe, le gusta
Yo le doy, tú le das por delante y por detrás
Ella va to’a…

Translation: “Hit her, whip her without fear, she doesn’t do anything. Look at her, look at her if she laughs, she likes it. I give her, you give her in front and from behind. She goes all the way…”

Lorna, El Chombo- Papi Chulo (2003)
 Lorna is one of the few female artists who pioneered the Reggae en espanol movement in Panama. The song produced by El Chombo went global thanks to the catchiness of the lyrics and also, the meaning behind them. She really knew how to hold her own and I’ll admit, I had a crush on her when i was in my teen years. It was a very sexual song. When I looked up the lyrics, I didn’t imagine reading what I did. I thought she says “Mujeres virgenes que se quiten los pelos” which translates to “Virgin women take off their hair.”

The lyrics actually say “Virgin women take off their veils…” Who knows, she probably meant to make it sound that way. The song reached global popularity and even inspired new songs that sampled the classic hit. Here’s a song that samples Lorna’s Papi Chulo. Pele & Shawnecy – Better For My Brain (Original Mix) [Snatch! Records]

Lyrics: “Todos con las manos al cielo
Los pies en el suelo
Mujeres vírgenes que se quiten los velos
Como dice el barbero
Pelo, pelo, pelo
Vamos desde arriba de nuevo…”

Translation: “Everyone with their hands in the sky, Feet on the ground, Virgin women take off their veils. As the barber says hair, hair, hair Let’s go from above again…”

Residente Y Calle 13- El Tango Del Pecado
Album: Residente O Visitante? (2007)

 I’ll never forget how this song made me feel when I first heard it. I thought it was the most diabolical song I’d ever heard, in Spanish. Someone explained to me that it was not a glorification of Lucifer. Still, why would anyone have those words come out of their mouths?
Check out this explanation that I found regarding the song.

“The inspiration behind the song comes from public reaction to his real-life relationship with former Miss Universe Denise Quiñones, and a negative letter Residente received from someone after he began dating her stating that Quinones was going to burn in hell. for dating the rapper. “Tango del Pecado” is directed at Quiñones’ parents, who did not approve of the couple’s relationship. He explains that the song expresses how he will continue dating her regardless of her opinions, and also that “It’s a call to get out of the morality of Latin America. It’s just an invitation to turn everything upside down by embracing the ugly and profane in life and, you know, asking people to go on that journey.”

“Tango del Pecado” is the only single from Residente o Visitante that didn’t need to be lightly edited for vulgar lyrics.” Source: Tango del Pecado (

“…Súbele el volumen a la música satánica
Súbele el volumen a la música satánica
Vamos a quemarnos en el fuego con el diablo
Residente, el máximo exponente del pecado…”

Translation: “…Turn up the satanic music Turn up the satanic music. Let’s burn in the fire with the Resident Devil, the ultimate exponent of sin…”


“Allá en el infierno, donde se goza
Donde la gente habla malo y es más sabrosa
Mi vocablo lo divido en prosa, jugosa
Pa’ ponerte las axilas grasosas
Llegó la araña que el idioma daña
La Real Academia yo se la dejo a España
Así que mala mía si me pongo perverso
Pero es que tú me tienes escupiendo versos…”

Translation: “There in hell, where it is enjoyable. Where people speak bad and everything is tastier. My vocabulary is divided into prose, juicy. To make your armpits greasy. The spider arrived that damages the language. The Real Academy I leave it to Spain. So, my bad if I get perverse. But its just that you have me spitting verses…”

Reggaeton Sex Series Vol. 1-3 (2001)
 There was never an ok time to play any of these compilation albums at home. It was literally musical pornography. Songs like “Rompe Condones” “Pepa La P**a,””No Puedo Estar Sin Sex,” and so many more should give you an idea of what the content of the lyrics was about. Makes me wonder what was in these guys’ minds when they came up with the concept. I think the album was either 100% produced by DJ Blass or, at least, the majority of it was produced by him. DJ Blass is a legend in the reggaeton production game. 

Dancehall:Boom Bye, Bye- Buju Banton (1992)It is no secret that homophobia is a major belief in Jamaica and many Caribbean nations. It’s strange that people make it their business to police what people do in private, especially their sexuality. Whether you agree with people’s sexual preference or not, it is never ok to wish harm or death on people who are different from you. This is probably one of the things that contributed to Buju becoming a target in the USA that led to him ending up behind bars for a few years. The song has been banned in many nations including on music streaming platforms.Lyrics: “It’s like boom bye bye inna batty bwoy head Rude bwoy nah promote no nasty man, dem haffi dead Boom bye bye inna batty bwoy head Rude bwoy nah promote no nasty man, dem haffi dead…”

Chi Chi Man- TOK (2001)
 This is another song where once again, grown people making it their business to worry about what other people are doing in their personal lives. and behind closed doors. I get that some people might find it strange to see two people of the same sex, being sensually affectionate with each other. But guess what, we can all just turn away, keep scrolling, change the channel, leave the facility etc.
This particular song is very popular and is still played in the club circuits.
What also makes this song  particularly problematic is that it is encouraging people to “unalive” people in the LGBTQ+ community.

We’ve seen the results of these types of crimes in the USA.
In 2016 at Pulse nightclub in Orlando Florida, 49 people were “unalived” due to someone allowing their hate to get the best of them.

“Four days after the attack, on June 16, 2016, President Barack Obama visited survivors in Orlando and delivered a statement. “This was an attack on the LGBT community,” the president said. “And hatred towards people because of sexual orientation, regardless of where it comes from, is a betrayal of what’s best in us.”
Source: What really happened that night at Pulse (

It’s also happened in Colorado:
“Investigators say Aldrich, 22, entered Club Q, a sanctuary for the LGBTQ community in the mostly conservative city of Colorado Springs, just before midnight on Nov. 19 and began shooting during a drag queen’s birthday celebration. The killing stopped after patrons wrestled the suspect to the ground, beating Aldrich into submission, they said.”
Source: Colorado gay club shooting suspect charged with hate crimes | AP News

The very thing that the songs by Buju Banton and T.O.K were encouraging is what’s happened in so many cities across the USA. Always remember, as much as you don’t like someone, they are someone’s child. They are someone’s partner, brother, sister, caregiver, parent etc. 

In Puerto Rico, Bad Bunny used his platform to raise awareness about a transgender woman named Alexa, who was brutally “unalived” by people who simply couldn’t mind their own business.

February 2020
“Earlier this week, a video uploaded on social media appeared to show several people taunting and threatening a person widely believed to be Luciano, followed by the sound of gunshots. Authorities are still investigating the video. CNN has not independently confirmed its authenticity.

Police confirmed that day that they had found a body with multiple gunshot wounds in a grassland near a main road in Toa Baja, though they didn’t immediately identify who it was. Online, people assumed it was Luciano.
Source: Alexa Negrón Luciano: Transgender woman slain in Puerto Rico | CNN

Dembow- Shabba Ranks (1990)
 Last but not least, we have a global hit by the legendary Dancehall artist, Shabba Ranks.
A lot of people, including myself, had no idea what the song was about until recently when I did some research.
Because I’ve grown up listening to reggaeton, I always thought that “dembow” was just a nickname for the genre. It’s also the title to Yandel’s hit song ‘Dembow.’
Little did I know that the song is actually about.

“The genre dembow pulls its name from Jamaican dancehall artist Shabba Ranks’ anti-imperialist (and unfortunately, anti-gay) anthem “Dem Bow,” Jamaican Patois for “they bow.” The forever-sampled track became a catalyst for the Dominican genre, and sister genre reggaetón, both by way of “reggae en espanol.”
Source: Hispanic Heritage Month: A Timeline Dembow’s Evolution – Billboard

 Dembow is a genre of Caribbean popular music or musical rhythm originally from Dominican Republic. When Shabba Ranks released “Dem Bow” in 1990, it did not take long for the Dembow genre to form. Riddims were built from the song and the sound became a popular part of reggaeton. The genre was based in homophobic roots as many of the original uses would refer negatively to gay men, insulting them in the lyrics of the music. However, this genre faced much change and translation over time causing it to lose much of its original meaning, including the term “Dem Bow” which became “Dembow” or even just “Dembo” in some cases. From the original song of “Dem Bow” originating in Jamaica, the genre of Dembow moved next to Panama, New York, and eventually reached Puerto Rico.
Source: What does dembow mean? (

“Dem bow, dem bow, dem bow, dem bow
Man under table mi say dat him, bow
Gyal a clean rifle mi say dat she, bow
Athlete lick out and mi know a gyal, bow
Lick teeth inna bottom, dat mean say you, bow
Lipstick pon hood head, dat mean say you, bow”

“Dem bow, dem bow, dem bow
Raga daga dap inna bow cat head top
Tell all di bow cat dem fi chesback
Tell all di bow cat dem fi step back
Bow cat a gyal weh suck off man –
Forget ’bout this, mek we talk ’bout that
Bow cat a man weh push him head under frock
A pure gun shot, we fi give bow cat”

Worthy Mentions:
Big Pun, Ashanti- How We Roll (Remix)
Album: Endangered Species (2001)

You know I’m well known like Al Capone, fully blown like Ton’ Montana
In a zone, sittin’ on chrome, stoned sippin’ on cham-pagna
Rollin ganja up in Bible paper, see how high the lye can take us
Through the eyes of Christ, John, Elijah, Jacob

Note to self:
It is never ok to roll weed using any faith’s Holy Scripture.

Tupac Shakur- Hit Em Up (1996)
“First off, f**k your b***h and the click you claim
Westside when we ride come equipped with game
You claim to be a player but I f***ed your wife…”

Many feel that this is still a mystery, but others feel that it’s been confirmed that Faith Evans slept with Tupac when she was married to Notorious B.I.G.
Either way, no matter how much someone hates another, you should never air out that kind of business for the entire world to hear. But of course, real violence had happened up to that point.

Tupac’s ex-girlfriend Desiree Smith details Tupac Shakur personally telling her about his plans to get payback on Biggie Smalls. She details how Tupac originally had plans to sleep with Lil Kim instead of Faith Evans. And claims that Tupac called her and told her he slept with Faith Evans after the deed was done. Source: Tupac’s Ex-Girlfriend Says 100% He Slept With Faith Evans (

“Evans then went to 2Pac’s hotel to collect the $25,000 she was getting paid for the collaboration and that’s where she said the proposition took place.” “[He asked] in a very surprising and offensive way for sure,” she explained. “
By that time it was pretty clear to me, it seemed to me that that was kind of like a plan. I kind of allowed myself to be played and allow myself to get into this situation, because this is totally not how I operate, that ain’t how I do business and that was never up for discussion as far as that being an exchange. That’s not what it was about.” Source: Napoleon Seems To Confirm 2Pac Slept With Biggie’s Wife Faith Evans | HipHopDXWhat can we take away from all of this? If music is meant to be a form of expression, that means that people with good intentions and people with bad intentions can equally create art that can influence people’s points of view and sometimes, their beliefs. Sometimes, we may have felt that our parents simply didn’t understand that “it’s just music.” Maybe it wasn’t just music. Maybe they were simply trying to maintain our innocence as long as they possibly could. 

My final thoughts include some lyrics from the legendary Puerto Rican rapper ‘Vico C.’ Vico is titled the first Latin rapper to go mainstream. He introduced the idea of making Hip Hop music, but in Spanish.
His most recent song has generated a lot of controversy but also has sparked important conversations regarding the state of Latin urban music. His song titled “Pregunatale a tu papa por mi,” which translates to “Ask your dad about me.” What he meant by that is, “If you don’t know who I am, ask your parents who I am,” because he was definitely on everyone’s playlist if you grew up listening to Latin urban music since the late 80s.

 The reason why I’m mentioning him is due to a bar he has in the song.
He basically came back to call out the entire reggaeton and Latin Trap scene. To be more specific, he was calling out the pioneers of reggaeton. He takes a stance by saying that all of these 40+ year old rappers who are still singing about sex are basically promoting pedophilia due to the fact that the reality is, mainly kids and teens are the ones who consume music. Is he lying? Definitely not.
I do find it strange that the same artists who I was listening to while growing up, are still making music about the same content. Especially Chencho Y Maldy of Plan B.

I support Vico C’s stance and I do think it’s a bit creepy that these artists know that kids are listening to their music that’s meant for grown ups. Why haven’t they shifted to creating music with more value? I know why, because it doesn’t sell.

“No tengo miedo de seguir mi línea de decir lo necesario sin envidia. De decirles que si un cuarentolo canta sexo al menor de mi familia. Pa’ mí es un portavoz de pedofilia…”

Translation: “I’m not afraid to follow my line. To say what is necessary without envy. To tell them that if a forty-year-old sings sex to the youngest in my family.
To me they are a spokesperson for pedophilia…”
Vico C – Pregúntale a Tu Papá Por Mi (Video Oficial) – 4K

Thanks for reading and please do not hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments of the blog page and also, leave your comments on the Youtube channel when the episode of this blog post is available, next week. 

Written By: Mario Funes

DM via Instagram/Twitter: @wokeuparebel

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