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 This year has been quite the ride for us at Woke Up A Rebel and also for our friends around us who are chasing their dreams, every single day. There’s one person in particular who is knocking their goals out the ballpark. That person is the very talented, Natalie Nox. She released her debut single on September 1st, 2023, titled ‘Alma Mia’ on the prestigious House/Techno label ‘Toolroom Records.’ 

 I (Mario) met Natalie a few years ago at ‘Uforchange’ which is a non-profit that offers arts and fashion programs to youth in Toronto. We were specifically there for the DJ program where we had a chance to learn how to use Technics turntables. We instantly clicked due to our love for DJing, music production and also that we are both Mexican! She’s a gem and also a bad ass guitar player. 

 Natalie was born and raised in Mexico’s Huasteca region. Her musical upbringing included Cumbia, Merengue and Salsa. She’s also a bad ass rockstar. Natalie did her homework and decided Toronto, Canada was where she needed to go to discover more of who she wanted to become. 
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This talented producer joined the Toolroom Academy which trains producers how to create music to the Toolroom Records standard. Toolroom Records are a globally respected music label founded by DJ/Producer Mark Knight. Mark has been in the electronic music scene for over two decades, rocking dancefloors. I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing Mark Knight at Cabana Pool Bar in Toronto a few years ago. He’s the boss for a reason.

In the image above, Natalie is posing for her debut on Toolroom Radio- Mark Knight’s podcast. I am living vicariously through Natalie’s journey. I religiously listen to Mark Knight’s Toolroom radio podcast to hear what the hottest tracks of the week are. Natalie, well deserved, landed on episode #701. 

 Natalie’s ‘Alma Mia’ has been getting massive support from some of today’s top DJs including one of my personal favourites Hugel. Also, Toronto’s very own Sydney Blu has been showing support. Well-deserved and it’s great to see Toronto showing love. 

 Nox’s debut track lives within the realm of House music that I love. Hints of Tribal House with a heavy bassline and Spanish vocals is enough to make me instantly smash the “Add to playlist” button. My taste has changed over the years. I’ve gone from the Steve Aoki cake tossing scene to the underground, groovy vibes of Toronto’s Coda nightclub environment. As you get older, you may end up in the same place. In that environment is where you’d most likely hear this amazing song.

  I feel like the underground scene is where people genuinely appreciate the music. Sometimes, the music needs very little to no vocals to feel what the creator of the songs that are playing meant to express through their unique sounds. If you like House music, you’ll love this song. Stream it on Spotify:
Natalie Nox- Alma Mia
Check the song out on Spotify or this week’s Woke Up A Rebel Playlist

Written By: Mario Funes

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