Rooftop Sessions Recap

Hey Rebels,
 Hope you started the week with a positive mindset and a good stretch to get you feeling ready to face the world! This past weekend was one for the books. Not only did Woke Up A Rebel get a chance to go to Medieval Times, we also went and represented at the Samsara Collective Rooftop Sessions. If you read their bio on Instagram @samsara.collective , you’ll get an understanding of what they’re about. “Uplifting the collective consciousness by fusing electronic music, wellness and community.” Sounds like the type of event I’d naturally gravitate to. 

 If you know me (Mario), you’ll know I love Deep House, Tech House, Tribal house and Techno. I fell in love with the electronic music scene back in 2011. I’ve had the privilege to attend some of the most amazing festivals in the city including Veld, Dreams festival, Sensation: Ocean of white and many other shows by some of the world’s best DJs. Even though the electronic music scene has its critics, I still enjoy it to the fullest. I love the fact that I have an eclectic taste in music. That just means I have more options of events to attend!

 Some of the misconceptions that people have about House music are, “That’s white people music,” “Everyone’s on drugs,” “It’s the same beat over and over again,” and many more. It’s not for everyone, just how not every Latin American person loves Reggaeton, Dembow etc. 
In case you’re interested in learning about the origins of House music, check out this documentary on YouTube called ‘Pump Up The Volume.’ 

 Let’s go back to what went down on the night of Saturday, September 9th, 2023. I honestly can’t remember how I came across Samsara’s IG page, but I’m glad I did. My friend Daniel and I were looking for something to do on Saturday and I felt like ‘Rooftop Sessions’ was the place to go. The location was at 202 Spadina Ave in downtown Toronto. We were searching for the venue but it was not too hard to find because we could hear the music from the street level. As soon as we got to the entrance, my friend and I were greeted by two lovely souls doing the check-ins.

Dj Starlight (Left), DJ Nita Mistry (Right)

 We had no idea what we were in for when we walked up the steps to the rooftop. A canvas was on display where people were painting which is always a nice touch for any event. It felt like we were out in a forest somewhere, in a giant tent. The weather was perfect and so was the vibe. At the bar, they gave us some small stones in exchange for money for drinks. Each stone would get you a drink. I’ve never seen something like that, so it definitely added to the euphoric atmosphere of the night. The music was on point the whole time we were there.

 There was a dope line up of DJs and even though we didn’t get to hear them all play their set, I’m sure they all killed it. Overall, it was a great event, shout out to Samsara Collective, Lucid Presents, and Kollective for putting on this great Rooftop Sessions event. Can’t wait for the next one.
Special shout out to all of the DJs involved:
@azul_dj , @resona.g , @soulovemusicandtao , @dj.starlight , @mistrymusic , @djdannydao 

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Written By: Mario Funes

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