Studio Gear To Help Black And Latino Artists

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Dear Rebels: Although we have never done this before, we feel as though we had no other option. Woke Up A Rebel has been working nonstop to deliver our viewers and listeners the greatest content possible.

We need to modernize our recording and music-production tools in order to step up our game and raise the bar for the quality of our podcast and music.

We are currently trying to gather money for the digital mixer you can see in the attached picture. It will be used to support budding artists in the visible minority communities of the Greater Toronto Area, with a specific emphasis on Black and Latino youth and adults who find it difficult to afford studio time at the more prestigious institutions in the city. Even while most people can afford studio time, there are still some people who cannot, and that is where we would come in. We intend to offer recording services at low rates to help those people who have this specific need.

Even though we are aware of how difficult circumstances are, we are also experiencing the effects of inflation and other financial difficulties. Although we’re not exactly sure how to ask you all for this, we’ll try. We need your assistance to make this happen in a timely manner. You can donate anything you like, starting at $10. We pledge complete openness during our crowd-funding campaign and, after we’ve reached our goal, a minimum donation of $100 to a local charity will be given.
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If you donate $25, we’ll send you a promo code to our Merchandise Store.

If you donate $75 or more, we will send you a special Woke Up A Rebel T-shirt.

We sincerely hope that you will join us in helping not only us, but also our potential clients locate a secure setting in which to express themselves and produce their art. We appreciate you taking the time to read this and look forward to soon being able to thank you for your donation.


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