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Black Business Grants for Toronto’s Eglinton West

The historic significance of Toronto’s west end, in particular, what’s been coined as ‘Little Jamaica’, is threatened by the displacement of its residences as a result of the Metrolinx Eglintown Crosstown Subway.  With its prolonged construction, these well-established, community-driven businesses are struggling as a  result of depleted customer base and therefore, their income. With the end of construction approaching, this historic neighborhood is faced with gentrification, soon to become a new ‘cultural hub’ for those who would be able to afford embellished rent prices and condos. Currently, Toronto’s York Region is one of the poorest areas in the city, with its residents making a staggering amount less than its neighboring areas. In effect, the largely Black residents of this community are at the brink of extinction.

The purpose of Rebuild Eglinton West is to create a grant fund for residents to support new start-ups and existing Black businesses to promote the preservation and restoration of our community. The possibilities remain endless. We aim to expand this invitation to network with existing realtor companies, property owners, suppliers, small businesses in any sector (food, entertainment, health and well-being, education) to replenish our community and have our living necessities in closest proximity to us.
The mission is community input based decision making in to which startups are granted the support to service the community based on need. The grant goes beyond monetary support for businesses, but use of a multifaceted network of legality and management support. 
All donations are to be transparent and community directed!

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– J Baptiste (Organizer)